Secure Covers

Secure Covers - The Ultimate in Silage Protection for Piles and Bunkers

Secure Covers are made from the highest quality, finely knitted, 7 year guaranteed UV stable polyethylene mesh. The Secure Cover is placed over the normal polythene silage sheet and weighted only at the edges and joins. Once fitted, Secure Covers' unique construction disperses wind gusts making sure that the silage sheet remains in place on the silage pit. Secure Covers effectively reduce surface waste by keeping the silage sheet in close contact with silage surface. The finely knitted mesh helps prevent bird damage to the silage sheet and when pulled down stops birds feeding on the feed face.

Strong and Secure

Secure Covers are so strong that they can prevent damage to the silage sheet from cats, dogs, people and even cattle.

The Tire-Less way to Protect Silage your Silage Pile

  • Eliminates the need for tires
  • Helps prevent bird damage to sheets and feed face
  • Prevents tire wire disease
  • Helps to reduce surface waste
  • Secure Gravel Bags will reduce shoulder waste
  • Unique mesh construction prevents fraying
  • Labor saving - quick and easy to use
  • Guaranteed UV stable for 7 years
  • Unmatched 6 months satisfaction guarantee


Secure covers enable the farmer to cover the pile in half the time as tires.

Secure covers protect feed from Hail storms, turkeys, coyotes, dogs, deer, birds are a threat to silage bunkers and piles.

Rats hide in the tires, they don't like secure cover and have to find a new home.

Secure covers require the bunker to be piled in a smooth arch.

The green sheets provide 80% shade and 80% of windbreak.

50-60 gravel bags stack nicely on a pallet vs tires all over the farm.

When you fill the gravel bags stick the zip tie about 6" from the end and fill the gravel (3/4 rock) 3"
below the zip tie. This allows the secure cover gravel bags to be flexible.

If the face of your feed is pointed North or West use double rows of bags to hold plastic and cover down on face.

When silage ferments after 3 weeks the secure cover will settle. If you simply lift the edge of the secure cover with the bag on and set it down, it will re tighten the cover after the feed ferments.

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Sizes Size in Feet Area in Sq. Ft. Weight in Lbs.
8m x 8m 26.3' x 26.3' 688.9 42.3
8m x 10m 26.3' x 32.8' 861.1 52.9
8m x 12m 26.3' x 39.4' 1,033.30 63.9
8m x 13m 26.3' x 42.6' 1,120.40 69
8m x 14m 26.3' x 45.9' 1,205.60 75
8m x 16m 26.3' x 52.5' 1,377.80 83.8
8m x 17m 26.3' x 55.8' 1,467.54 91.1
8m x 18m 26.3' x 59.2' 1,556.90 94.9
8m x 20m 26.3' x 65.5' 1,722.70 105.8
8m x 22m 26.3' x 72.2' 1,898.86 116.6
8m x 15m 26.3' x 82.0' 2,156.60 133.4
8m x 32m 26.3' x 105.1' 2,761.50 167.6
12m x 16m 39.4' x 52.5' 2,066.70 125.7
12m x 20m 39.4' x 65.5' 2,580.70 157.5

Secure Covers
Secure Covers
Secure Covers
Secure Covers
Secure Covers
Secure Covers
Secure Covers
Secure Covers
Secure Covers
Secure Covers Secure Covers


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