Precast Concrete Bunker

Precast Concrete Bunker Storage - NPCA Member

Hanson's engineered precast concrete panels are one of the most cost effective, large volume storage systems available. Try our Bunker Builder Planning Tool for storage configurations. Use our precast concrete walls as a substitute for your poured concrete wall. We ship our modular walls as far as New Jersey, Alabama, California and Saskatchewan. We have constructed Bunkers and bunker silos for a variety of storage uses. The modular construction allows for changing configurations.

We call them Bunkers others call them Jersey Barriers, T shape barriers, L shape barriers, Concrete Step Barriers, Bunker Silo and Ontario Tall Walls, and Bremer Walls Precast concrete is a time tested construction material. The builders of ancient Rome poured concrete material into molds to build their complex network of aqueducts, culverts and tunnels.

  • Grain
  • Silage
  • DOT Approved Salt and Sand- We've built over 70 sand and salt storage wall facilities Don't waste time with trying to make highway barriers work- use our engineered precast panels
  • Animal Carcass Composting- see our news article.
  • Recycling- utilized in the scrap metal industry; Commercial to community recycling centers. Panel walls are used to separate and organize materials.
  • The panels allow lechate; and help prevents toxic run off. Panel walls aid in preventing toxic runoff from waste dumps.
  • EPA approved - Install and move with your own excavator, wheel loader or forklift. We have shipped recycling bunker walls as far as New Jersey
  • Aggregate
  • Coal/ Power Plants- coal containment systems for power plants and energy producers
  • Landscaping/ Nursery- divide your color variety of mulches and aggregates in with our walls.
  • Animal Food- including livestock feed, domestic, and zoo animal feed storage
  • Granular Fertilizer- Urea, Map, Dap, Ash, and other commodities are stored in our containment systems
  • Rendering/ By- Product - Hanson builds meat and food raw material storage for animal food companies, including Paunch storage systems.
  • Livestock Manure Storage - We provide cement concrete walls in Manure Storage lagoon pits. Talk to your local NRCS office about using Hanson concrete panels in part for your manure containment system. Hanson panels meet or exceed NRCS engineering requirements.
  • Weeping Manure Walls for use in combination with engineered manure storage systems
  • Noise Barrier/ Privacy Fence-use a precast panel wall as an acoustic sound barrier, add a decorative facia such as exposed aggregate or cultured stone.
  • Scrap Metal storage- commercial scrap yards, community recyclers, sorting, storing, and organizing both ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Retaining Walls- we provide precast panels for Iowa, Minnesota, Dakotas and Wisconsin and your state. Hanson wall panels are perfect for a retaining wall for a barn pole shed or change in grade. Save Money and Time with our panels
  • Building Foundations
  • Skateboard Parks
...and multiple other uses. Send us your idea and our engineers will work toward a solution!

Because pre-cast concrete products such as bunkers and bunker silos are produced in a controlled environment, they exhibit high quality and uniformity. Factors affecting quality typically found on a job site temperature, improper curing, poor craftsmanship and material quality are nearly eliminated in a plant environment.

Features of Hanson Bunker Silo Systems

  • Choose from 7 different panel wall heights
  • No footings required - can be used free-standing or cemented in place
  • L and T Panels
  • Factory installation at your location or install yourself
  • Keeps your storage area clean and attractive
  • Panel walls are portable allowing for: expanding the structure, resale, and do-it-yourself installation
  • These panels have engineered steel mesh and rebar systems for unsurpassed strength.
  • Both T & L panels distribute weight evenly over the entire base
  • Strongest mesh and rebar system in the industry
  • T-Panels can be used as an end wall or as center wall. They can be filled on both sides.

Features of Hanson Precast Concrete Box Culverts and Bunker Silos
Hanson Silo Precast Concrete Saves time and money

  • Cost savings - avoid constructing large forms necessary for poured-in-place concrete.
  • Faster onsite building time - reduces cost and community disruption
  • Fewer tradesmen to hire and manage
  • Your project will be finished more quickly, reducing bank financing - repayment starts earlier
  • Greater quality control
  • Lower insurance rates

This modular constructed unit can be erected to meet your specific requirements...any length and any width in 5', 6', 8', 8'6", 10'6", 12' heights.

Our panels have several (PE) engineered stamps of approval. They are an excellent solution to your storage needs.

You can construct a clear span canvas cover building (hoop building) on our panels. We also allow the installation of stick buildings to be built on top of our concrete panel walls.

Already have existing steel or stick built building? We build bunker walls inside existing buildings with or without a slab floor.

* This saves wear and tear on your building's old support walls and gives you new life in your old building.

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Abrasive Compound 148 2371
Abrasive Mix1532451
Acetate Flakes21336
Acrylic Fibres144
Acrylic Resin32513
Activated Aluminium15240
Activated Carbon20320
Adipic Acid40641
Alfalfa Leaf Meal15240
Alfalfa Meal17272
Alfalfa Meal, Fine Ground1930445
Alfalfa Pellets42673
Alfalfa Seed46737
Alumina Powder18288
Alumina, Activated48769
Alumina, Calcined.631009
Alumina, Metal Grade671073
Aluminium Flake1502403
Aluminium Fluoride55881
Aluminium Magnesium Silicate21336
Aluminium Oxide801282
Aluminium Powder44705
Aluminium Silicate33529
Aluminium Sulphate651041
Ammonium Bromide761218
Ammonium Chloride38609
Ammonium Nitrate49785
Ammonium Nitrate Pills38609
Ammonium Perchloride62993
Ammonium Phosphate55881
Ammonium Sulphate691105
Amorphous Silica11176
Anthracite, Powdered35561
Antimony Oxide44705
Antioxidant (Granules)41657
Antioxidant (Powder)28449
Apple Slices Diced15240
Arsenic Trioxide41657
Asbestos Fibre20320
Asbestos Powder28449
Ascorbic Acid (Coarse)45721
Ascorbic Acid (Fine)32513
Ash, Ground105168232
Ashes , Dry Loose3860932
Ashes , Wet Loose47753
Baking Powder56897
Barbasco Root33529
Barium Carbonate5588145
Barium Oxide631009
Barium Stearate13208
Barium Sulphate60961
Barley (Whole)40641
Barley Meal28449
Barley, Fine Ground46737
Barley, Ground25400
Barley, Malted30481
Barley, Rolled23368
Barley, Scoured41657
Beans (Soya)46737
Beans, White45721
Beet Pulp18288
Bicarbonate of Soda62993
Bleach Compound60961
Blood Flour30481
Blood Meal38.5617
Bone Meal Loose55881
Bone, Ground Dry751202
Boric Acid54865
Brass Powder1001602
Bread Crumbs96
Brewers Grains (Dry)16256
Bronze Powder781250
Buckwheat (Whole)38609
Buckwheat Bran16256
Buckwheat Flour41657
Buckwheat Hulls13208
Buckwheat Middlings22352
Buttermilk Dried31497
Cake Mix44705
Calcium Borate61977
Calcium Carbide, Crushed801282
Calcium Carbonate44705
Calcium Chloride60961
Calcium Fluoride1021634
Calcium Hydroxide40641
Calcium Phosphate48769
Calcium Silicate10160
Calcium Stearate20320
Calcium Sulphate45721
Cane Seed41657
Carbon (Pelletised)4267325
Carbon Activated1727220-29
Carbon Black3556130-44
Carbon Black (Beads)19304
Carbon Black (Pelletised)2235225
Carbon Black Graphite45721
Carbon Crystallized58929
Carbon Dust38609
Carbon Granules59945
Caustic Soda3149739-43
Cellulose Acetate10160
Cement (Portland)941506
Cement (Portland) Clinker951522
Cement Dust50801
Ceramic Compound851362
Cereal Mix43689
Charcoal (Powder)24384
Chemco Burnishing Compound35561
Chicory (Powder)30481
Chilli Spice45721
Chlorine Compound28449
Chlorine Powder36577
Chocolate Drink Mix26417
Chromic Acid Powder1001602
Cinders, Blast Furnace57913
Cinders, Coal, Ashes & Clinker40641
Cinnamon Powder35561
Citric Acid48769
Clay (Bentonite)5080142
Clay (Calcined)30481
Clay (Fine)6299330-44
Clay (Fines)70112130-44
Clay (Granite)32513
Clay (Kaolin)48769
Clinker Dust90144230-40
Clover Seed4876928
Coal (Granules)5283327-35
Coal (Pulverized)38561
Coal Anthracite5892927
Coal Bituminous5264135
Coal Dust35561
Coal Powder40641
Cobalt Carbonate60961
Cobalt Fines2564101
Cocoa Flavouring55881
Cocoa Shells30481
Coconut Chips38609
Coffee (Instant)19304
Coffee, Green (Beans)38609
Coffee, Roasted (Beans)23368
Coke (Granules)52833
Coke Dust15240
Coke Fines39625
Coke, Calcined (Course)56897
Coke, Calcined (Fines)59945
Coke, Calcined (Intermediate)59945
Coke, Pulverised45721
Copper (Fines)1011618
Copper Hydroxide25400
Copper Sulphate52833
Copra Meal, Loose27433
Cork, Solid15240
Corn Bran13208
Corn Flour51817
Corn Germ Meal35561
Corn Gluten Feed29465
Corn Gluten Meal37593
Corn Grits42673
Corn Mash45721
Corn Meal40641
Corn Oil Meal34545
Corn Starch42673
Corn, (Whole shelled)45721
Corn, Chops (Coarse)42673
Corn, Chops (Fine)38609
Corn, Chops (Medium)40641
Corn, Cracked (Coarse)40641
Corn, Ground35561
Corn, Hominy Feed27433
Corn, Kibbled21336
Cottonseed Cake4267330-44
Cottonseed Delinted3048129
Cottonseed Flour56897
Cottonseed Hulls1219245
Cottonseed Meats4064130-44
Detergent (Flake)32513
Detergent (Powder)38609
Diammonium Phosphate50801
Diatomaceous Earth16256
Dielectric Compound45721
Distillers Grains18288
Dolomite Lime46737
Egg Yoke Powder23368
Eggs (Powdered)22352
Epoxy Powder49785
Ferric Chloride43689
Ferric Sulphate61977
Ferro Silicate781250
Ferro Silicon871394
Ferrous Carbonate871394
Filter Cake (Centrifuge)40641
Fish meal38609
Floc (Solka)144
Flour (Barley Malt)45721
Flour (Barley)38609
Flour (Corn)39625
Flour (Rye)42673
Flour (Soy)44705
Flour (Soya)40641
Flour (Wheat)4267345
Fly Ash651041
Fullers Earth3556123
Fumaric Acid40641
Garlic (Flakes)22352
Garlic (Powder)20320
Glass (Ground)1031650
Glass (Powder)1031650
Glass Beads1001602
Glass Microspheres62993
Gold Powder53849
Granite, Crushed971554
Graphite (Flakes)42673
Graphite (Granules)681089
Graphite (Powder)35561
Graphite (Pulverized)22352
Grinding Compound991586
Ground Bone50801
Gum Base42673
Gum Granules36577
Gum Resin32513
Gypsum (Calcined)55881
Gypsum (Ground)42673
Ice, Crushed4064119
Iron Chromite1141826
Iron Fillings1802884
Iron Ore1622595
Iron Oxide801282
Iron Oxide (Black)161257930-44
Iron Oxide (Red)691105
Iron Powder1752804
Iron Sulphate801282
Kaolin Clay50801
Latex Powder891426
Lead Arsenate901442
Lead Carbonate811298
Lead Chloride Crystals721153
Lead Oxide631009
Lead Stabilizer43689
Ligno Sulfinate30481
Lime (Dolomitic)42673
Lime (Granular)801282
Lime (Hydrated)4064140
Lime (Pebble)4572130
Lime (Pulverised Quick)6096142
Lime (Quick)55881
Limestone (Ground)59945
Limestone (Pulverised)68108930-44
Limestone Dust691105
Limestone Filler631009
Limestone Flour691105
Linseed Meal2540034
Liquorice Powder28449
Magnesite Light40641
Magnesium Carbonate12192
Magnesium Chips60961
Magnesium Chloride12192
Magnesium Hydroxide39625
Magnesium Oxide651041
Magnesium Silicate58929
Magnesium Stearate21336
Magnesium Sulphate5283330-44
Malted Barley Flour40641
Malted Wheat Flour41657
Manganese Dioxide701121
Manganese Ore110176239
Marble (Granular)801282
Marble (Ground)931490
Meat Meal37593
Melamine Powder32513
Metallic Flakes35561
Metallic Powder1652643
Mica (Flakes)10160
Mica (Powder)41657
Milk (Powdered Whole)35561
Milk (Powdered)13208
Milk (Whole)32513
Milo, Ground34545
Molasses Feed22352
Molding Sand751202
Molybdenum Disulfide44705
Molybdenum Oxide981570
Molybdi Oxide16256
Monosodium Phosphate55881
Naphthalene Flakes36577
Nickel Oxide28449
Nickel Powder751202
Nuts (Almond)29465
Nuts (Cashews)31497
Nuts (Peanuts)33529
Nylon Fibres10160
Nylon Flakes32513
Nylon Pellets (1/8")35561
Nylon Powder39625
Oat Flour33529
Oat Middlings38609
Oats (Ground)29465
Oats (Rolled)2235230-44
Oats Groats (Whole)46.5745
Oats, Hulls128
Onions (Chopped)14224
Onions (Minced)128
Onions (Powdered)25400
Oxalic Acid52833
Oyster Shell (Ground, - 0.5")53849
Peanut Brittle36577
Peanut Meal28449
Peanuts (Shelled)43689
Peanuts (Unshelled)21336
Peat Moss10160
Peppermint Powder34545
Peppers (Chopped)21336
Peppers (Whole)16256
Perlite filter Aid128
Perlite Ore651041
Petroleum Coke55881
Petroleum Coke Dust25400
Phenol Formaldehyde30481
Phenolic Powder32513
Phosphate Rock Crushed69110525-29
Phosphate Rock Dust901442
Phosphate Rock ground70112140
Plaster Of Paris49785
Plastic (Beads)46737
Plastic (Cubes)38609
Plastic (Flakes)48769
Plastic (Pellets)45721
Plastic Powder42673
Plastic Resin40641
Polyamide Resin31497
Polycarbonate Resin44705
Polyester Adhesive Powder30481
Polyester Flakes27433
Polyester Resin34545
Polyethylene Beads42673
Polyethylene Film128
Polyethylene Flakes96
Polyethylene Granular30481
Polyethylene Pellets3556123
Polyethylene Powder35561
Polyhedral Alcohol37593
Polymer Reagent39625
Polymer Resin38609
Polypropylene Pellets32513
Polypropylene Powder33529
Polypropylene Flakes22352
Polystyrene Beads40641
Polystyrene Pellets38609
Polystyrene Powder33529
Polyurethane Pellets45721
Polyvinyl Acetate39625
Polyvinyl Alcohol39625
Polyvinyl Chloride41657
Polyvinyl Chloride Pellets39625
Potassium Bromide (5%Moist)1141826
Potassium Carbonate (Potash)741185
Potassium Chloride60961
Potassium Iodate1292067
Potassium Muriate661057
Potassium Sulphate901442
Potatoes (Flakes)13208
Potatoes (Powdered)48769
Potting Soil16256
Poultry Meal36577
Powdered Sugar35561
Pumice Powder39625
PVC Chips54865
PVC Resin32513
Raisins (Moist)38609
Red Lead1652643
Red Oxide Pigment721153
Rice (Puffed)96
Rice Bran26417
Rock Salt681089
Rubber (Granules)28449
Rubber Composition Powder34545
Rubber Compound38609
Rubber Crumb22352
Rubber Foam (Chopped)48
Rubber Powder33529
Rye Bran18288
Rye Feed33529
Rye, Malted32513
Rye, Middlings42673
Rye, Shorts33529
Rye, Whole44705
Salt, Fine Table861378
Salt, Granulated801282
Sand (Dry)1101762
Sand (Fine)1252002
Sand (Foundry)1001602
Sand (Moist)1302083
Sand (Molding)781250
Sand Foundry, Coarse961538
Sand Foundry, Fine1041666
Sawdust (Coarse)25400
Sawdust (Fine)18288
Sawdust (Moist)28449
Seed (Grass)40641
Shellac Resin811298
Silica Flour801282
Silica Gel4267330-44
Silica Sand811298
Silicon Carbide45721
Silicon Dioxide48
Silver (Powder)691105
Slate (Crushed)100160228
Soap Flakes29465
Soap Powder36577
Soda Ash54865
Soda Ash-Iron Chromite771234
Sodium Aluminate61977
Sodium Benzoate47753
Sodium Bicarbonate50801
Sodium Bisulphate901442
Sodium Borate771234
Sodium Caseinate21336
Sodium Chloride801282
Sodium Chloride831330
Sodium Hydrosulphate701121
Sodium Hydrosulphite731169
Sodium Hydroxide60961
Sodium Metasilicafe701121
Sodium Naptholine Sulph.27433
Sodium Nitrate84134624
Sodium Perborate53849
Sodium Pyrophosphate631009
Sodium Silicate32513
Sodium Sulphate851362
Sodium Sulphite102163445
Sodium Thiosulfate55881
Sodium Tripolyphosphate60961
Soybean Flakes36577
Soybean Hulls25400
Soybean Meal40641
Starch (Corn)43689
Stearic Acid (Flakes)32513
Stearic Acid (Powder)36577
Styrene Beads45721
Sucrose Octoacetate33529
Sugar (Beet)50801
Sugar (Dextrose)39625
Sugar (Granulated)44705
Sugar (Powdered)35561
Sulphur (Granular)701121
Sunflower Seed3860920
Talcum Powder55881
Tantalum Powder40641
Tea (Flakes)24384
Tea (Powdered)27433
Teflon (Fibre)30481
Teflon (Granules)36577
Teflon (Powdered)29465
Teflon Pellets60961
Terepthalic Acid30481
Thorium Oxide62993
Titanium Dioxide4876930-44
Tobacco (Cigarette)12192
Tobacco (Powdered)28449
Tricalcium Phosphate35561
Trichicrocyanuric Acid50801
Trisodium Phosphate50801
Tumaric (Acid Fines)51817
Tungsten Carbide2504005
Uranium (Compound)1913060
Uranium (Granules)1842948
Uranium Oxide1081730
Urea Formaldehyde36577
Urea Powder39625
Urea Prills45721
Vinyl Acetate36577
Vinyl Chips (Irregular)20320
Vinyl Compound36577
Vinyl Powder34545
Vinyl Resin36577
Wax (Flake)50801
Wax (Powder)38609
Wheat (Hulls)44705
Wheat (Shaved)34545
Wheat Flour30481
Wheat Gluten43689
Wheat Middling15240
Wheat, Cracked3556130-44
Wheat, Whole4978528
White Lead85136230-44
Wood Chips30481
Wood Flour20320
Wood Shavings10160
Zinc Ammonium Chloride661057
Zinc Carbonate35561
Zinc Oxide55881
Zinc Powder2103364

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